Thank you for choosing SRDJAN. We are passionate about dancing and want to perform our best in custom making your dress. Leaving no stone unturned; detailed below are our terms and conditions.

Ordering System

On completion of your consultation and confirmation to us that you wish to proceed, your design will be developed within one week (unless advised that there is a backlog). Cost fee for first design is $175.This fee will be automatically included in your dress price but if you for some reason decide not to continue with SRDJAN,your credit card will be charged designing fee ,you have rights to keep your design provided by SRDJAN.Some clients require multiple design options; one revision is included at first meeting, however further revisions will incur a design fee of $100 (this is non refundable). Most importantly, we do not want to pressure clients into making rush decisions. As such, your initial deposit payment is to be made once it is time for measurements.

Your dress can be ordered anytime but you should think about allowing XX months/weeks prior to you impending dance competition. Once your dress has been made, we will contact you and arrange your first fitting. Please remember that it is what it says, A FIRST FITTING. 90% of the time the dresses are perfect straight away and there are no alterations to be done, others need small adjustments. Sometimes our turnaround times may change depending on backlogs and may be subject to change at any time. Separate processes are currently in place for all our overseas / long distance clients.

Measurements & Alterations

Your dress will be made to the measurements that are taken or supplied to us at the time of ordering. Dresses can be taken in but we have little room to take a dress out, therefore small adjustments are included in the price of the dress. However, should your body shape or measurements change we cannot be held accountable for this. As such the client must pay the alteration costs. If you are one of our overseas / long distance clients – please follow the instructions on the measurement chart carefully. If you require any alterations to your dress that is not on the original design this is chargeable.

We offer each of our clients plenty of opportunity to tweak the design before we commence making the dress. We do however endeavor to keep the costs down as far as possible in these cases. Should the client request alterations contrary to the advice of SRDJAN, or acquires the services of another vendor to alter the dress, the client acknowledges that SRDJAN makes no guarantee as to the fit or quality before or after services are performed. As such, SRDJAN hereby disclaims any and all warranties and guarantees, express or implied, including without limitations to the warranty of merchantability and fitness for any purpose.


If after your design has been signed off, you decide you want to develop new designs then a secondary design fee will be added to your overall invoice. Should you change the design of your dress after it is made then the cost to do so will be paid for by you the client.

Payment System

A deposit will be requested when measurements are taken. The remaining balance is due at the agreed completion date.

Deposit rates are as follows:

Competition Dress – 50% of final cost Made to Measure Practice Wear – 50% of final cost


Unfortunately, once your dress has started to be made, there are no cancellations. We typically start immediately after taking your measurements. If your competition is put back or cancelled, unfortunately your dress still has to be bought as it has started to be made.

Refund & Exchange Policy

As all our dresses are personalized to your specifications and measurements, we currently operate a No Refund & Exchange Policy. Therefore, once you have ordered, there is no option to refund or exchange. By paying your deposit you are thereby adhering to these terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to read these terms and conditions before going ahead.

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